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The End of Zhone

Since November of 2020, we have been constantly fighting a memory leak issue due to a software update in our Zhone electronics last October. This equipment is vital to delivering voice and internet to our member areas. This is affecting our western communities in mainly Hardtner, Capron, Jet, and Goltry. We monitor it daily and have tried a variety of solutions, and are in constant contact with Zhone engineers.

At the recommendation of Zhone, we split our ring into two rings in April 2021. This forced reboot was needed to power up the new ring. And although their engineers have just recently identified and replicated our issues in their lab environment, the software script they are writing to fix it won’t be ready until June. While we are at their mercy to find a stable solution, we’ve lost all patience and are working just as fast to convert to a new vendor with the latest and best technology and top-rated support in the market today. Most of the equipment is on backorder, though we’ve received enough to test it and keep making progress. At best, this is a 3-4 month process. As difficult as it has been on our central office staff, we realize it has been even more difficult for our members in our western communities to live with internet sessions dropping unannounced. We apologize for all of the inconveniences and appreciate your patience as we undergo this major upgrade.

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