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KanOkla Fiber Phase 1 Wellington residents are one step closer to gig-speed, symmetrical internet this week. This week, from the west city limits along Highway 160, residents on west 8 th Street will see locate flags and construction vehicles in rights of way and alleys. Residents and businesses who have previously signed up will have all constructions costs covered. KanOkla has not required service commitments or deposits for those signing up during this time, but this will change once construction and cleanup crews have moved passed blocks and neighborhoods.

KanOkla is working with telecommunications construction company, TransTel, to construct the new fiber routes. Residents can expect to see both KanOkla and TransTel vehicles in town for the next few months. Conduit will be buried first, followed by blowing or pulling the glass fibers through the conduit.

KanOkla’s Phase 1 route connects the majority of Wellington businesses and all of the Wellington schools with fiber. As of now, KanOkla has well over half of the 586 businesses and homes signed up for a fiber connection to the premise. Fiber-optic networks are the fastest and most reliable internet technology available today for future-ready infrastructure, but is also the most expensive to deploy. The cost to bury fiber from an alley to a home could be a minimum of $2000. This cost is 100% covered as long as construction crews have not yet passed homes or businesses on the Phase 1 route. KanOkla urges remaining residents and businesses to sign up for a fiber drop to ensure connectivity is in place when service is requested.

This week, TransTel is ready to begin connecting homes on West 8th Street/Hwy 160. The homes passed without a confirmed signup as crews move through the area will have a longer wait time plus a construction cost.

Residents can sign up at and see ongoing project updates. Progress is also being made on KanOkla’s new central wire center in the old Huegel Cleaners building on Washington. Once construction is complete, KanOkla will be scheduling service installs, and residents can expect to see additional service plan options soon. Phase 1 is expected to be completed by May 2022.

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