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KanOkla Fiber Expansion Enters Second Phase

KanOkla is excited to announce it has accepted a construction bid from Trans-Tel for Phase 2 of its fiber expansion project in Wellington. Phase 2 begins in October and will encompass the northwest parts of Wellington. Construction will be completed much faster than Phase 1 due to much of Phase 1 being the main line infrastructure and the renovation of KanOkla’s office located at 404 N Washington.

Wellington residents can expect this second phase to be completed in spring 2023, bringing fiber to almost 500 more local residences and businesses. An interactive signup map will be released next week for Wellington residents to view the Phase 2 route and fiber construction progress.

The first of KanOkla’s Wellington Fiber customers are now connected to symmetrical, gig-speed capability. Those on the Phase 1 route of KanOkla’s fiber expansion will be contacted to schedule their installation appointment as soon as KanOkla’s fiber splicing team has completed the behind-the-scenes work to provide an individual fiber connection to each residence or business customer.

A common question posed has been why does KanOkla choose to bury fiber? Conduit-protected, buried fiber offers the most protection from Kansas’ icy winters, tornadoes, and rodents. This cost is still currently 100% covered for all sign-ups through KanOkla’s own investment.

Founded by rural communities coming together for a better connection in 1951, KanOkla has been a leading rural provider for over 70 years. KanOkla has been a broadband provider in Wellington since 2008. KanOkla is headquartered in Caldwell, Kansas, and is proud to serve and employ locally.

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